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Debbi Rigdon

Welcome to my planet of one.


My name is Debbi Rigdon, a custom, graphic web designer located near Nashville, in the beautiful city of Hendersonville, TN, specializing in unique and effective web design for individuals and small companies.


One afternoon back in 1998 I was watching Oprah where the theme for the day was "finding your passion" and at that particular moment it really resonated with me.  I did some soul-searching trying to realize what MY passion was, as was my musician-husband, and we decided as a family to move from balmy Fort Pierce, Florida to none other than Nashville "Music City" Tennessee.


Given my love for Music Marketing I thought I would naturally be seeking a career in the music industry and, though I did eventually land a position with a highly-regarded booking agency on Music Row, I quickly realized there was no real joy going on.  Thinking I was "waiting for God to whisper" I kept a very open mind, waiting to see what directions I should be heading towards, but in the meantime found myself completely immersed in computer graphics and the infinite fascinations within the World Wide Web, an ever-changing, constantly-evolving medium, to be sure.  I quickly developed a following of musical artists, hobbyists, and small businesses, and was way too busy to continue to send out resumes and applications.

It dawned on me that I had finally realized my true passion, and in 2005, with an established client-list and active portfolio, I jumped all in. I am proud to have been a member of three area Chambers of Commerce: Gallatin, Goodlettsville and Hendersonville, and currently oversee over a hundred active websites and counting.


I used to think I needed to be all corporate and generic, but one of my clients reminded me that I should "embrace my smallness" and that he was in fact hiring me because of the rapport that we had. With that in mind, know that a website by Virtual Goldmine is indeed created by me, and when you need assistance at any time, you still get me. No out-sourcing here, I'm here to help.  This IS my passion.  I love my job!

Virtual Goldmine Web Design is owned by Debbi Rigdon, a custom web designer located near Nashville, in the beautiful city of Hendersonville, TN.  Virtual Goldmine Web Design is 100% Woman-Owned, and all of my web designs are Made in America.


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